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Cold Laser


What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser Therapy is a form of phototherapy or light therapy. This involves the application of low power light to areas of the body in order to stimulate healing. This is called biostimulation which increases oxygen and ATP  (adenosine triphosphate = the body’s energy supply) levels improving circulation as well as available energy. Increased circulation and available energy improves healing potential. There are specific wavelengths that have been proven to simulate specific cellular action. For example 635nm has been shown to stimulate mitochondral activity. Mitochondria are the ATP factories for the body. Again, more energy equals more healing potential!


How does it work?

Photons, which are particles of electromagnetic energy, are emitted from the low power laser. These particles enter the tissues and are absorbed in the mitochondria (which are tiny structures within the substance of each individual cell) and red blood cells as well as many other cells. The energy is converted to chemical energy within the cell. The permeability of the cell membrane changes which in turn produces various physiological effects. These physiological changes affect a variety of cell types including macrophages, fibroblasts, endothelial cells and mast cells.


What is it used for?

Soft tissue injuries like whiplash trauma from a car accident, sprains and strains, tendonitis and haematomas (bruise)

Joint conditions including arthritis, disc herniation, and capsulitis

Chronic pain including chronic neck and back pain due to past surgical scarring or osteoarthritis(OA)/degenerative joint disease (DDD)

Wound management, including skin ulcers, pressure sores and burns

Skin infections, including cold sores, warts, verruca

The laser may also be focused on acupuncture points to assist with smoking cessation and the relief of short or long-term pain


Does it work?

YES; Cold Laser Therapy has undergone over 1000 published laboratory studies and has benn proven successful in these randomised double blind controlled clinical trials (RCT’s). These trials include but are not limited to osteoarthritis, tendinitis / tendinopathies and other sports injuries, back and neck pain, diabetic foot and venous ulcer wound healing.

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